Conducting safe and well checks

Find out about home visits to check on pupils’ welfare, often known as safe and well checks or welfare checks. Understand your safeguarding responsibilities and which local agencies to liaise with.

Last reviewed on 12 January 2024
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. What are safe and well checks?
  2. When are safe and well checks made?
  3. How to conduct a safe and well check 
  4. Understand your school’s safeguarding responsibilities  

What are safe and well checks?

Schools and local authority (LA) social care teams can make visits to pupils’ homes to check on their welfare. These can go by various names, including safe and well checks and welfare checks.

Safe and well checks are a form of home visit. See our guidance on conducting home visits safely.

When are safe and well checks made?

Schools often make safe and well checks if:

  • A pupil is absent from school without a valid reason and
  • The school hasn't been able to make contact with the pupil's parent/carer or 
  • The school has received a reply that it's concerned about 

The school explains this in attendance information for parents published on its website (click 'reporting student absence', then 'actions on school