Safeguarding checks and the SCR

  • Childcare disqualification requirements
    Read our one-page summary of the childcare disqualification requirements and download a copy to share with your colleagues.
  • Childcare disqualification requirements
    Understand childcare disqualification, who it applies to and how to conduct a disqualification check.
  • DBS and other required checks for governors and trustees
    Find out what checks are required for governors, members and trustees, so you can make sure your school is compliant with the latest statutory safeguarding guidance.
  • DBS checks: contractors
    Get to grips with when contractors need a DBS check and whether you're responsible for doing the check. Download our template letter of assurance to make sure external employers have carried out the right check.
  • DBS checks: renewals
    DBS checks don't routinely need to be renewed. Find out when you should ask staff and volunteers to have a new check.
  • DBS checks: summary of requirements
    Download our summary table to quickly identify who needs which type of DBS check. Use our template risk assessment to decide whether to accept an existing DBS certificate, and find guidance on staff starting before their check comes through.
  • DBS checks: volunteers
    You should carry out a risk assessment and use your professional judgement to determine what checks are needed for volunteers. Use our template to save you time creating your own.
  • DBS checks: work experience providers
    The requirements for carrying out DBS checks on individuals supervising work experience depend on whether pupils are over or under 16. Read our summary to get to grips with these requirements.
  • DBS checks: work experience students
    Understand when work experience students will require a DBS check, the level of check needed and who is responsible for carrying out the checks.
  • Regulated activity in schools
    Schools must make sure that individuals in regulated activity are not barred from working with children, by carrying out a barred list check through the DBS. Read about what counts as regulated activity in a school, and what the exceptions are.
  • Section 128 checks
    Make sure you know who needs a section 128 check under the latest safeguarding guidance and how to carry one out. Understand what the check looks for and why it's important.
  • Self-declaration form: template and guidance
    Use our template to help you collect self-declarations from shortlisted candidates during your recruitment process – you can adapt it based on the role you're recruiting for. Find out how to manage self-declarations appropriately.
  • Single central record: monitoring
    Use our checklist to save you time when monitoring your school's single central record (SCR).
  • Single central record: requirements and template
    Save time and stay compliant by using our single central record (SCR) template. Find a summary of what must be recorded and which staff the document must cover, in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.