Recording and monitoring interventions: template forms

Download our forms to record and monitor interventions for all pupils with special educational needs (SEN) in one document.

Last reviewed on 9 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 5526
  1. Download our template forms 

Download our template forms 

Use our templates alongside one-page profiles to reduce the amount of paperwork for each pupil. 

Use our forms to help you: 

  • Keep information about all pupils with interventions in one place 
  • Record available interventions and the pupils taking each one 
  • Monitor each intervention, in terms of pupil attendance, progress and evaluation 

Our associate education expert Anita Devi helped us create these forms. 

Methods to record progress of the intervention 

Not every intervention you put in place will lead to an outcome that's easy to assess, or to a tidy data point. 

You can still use the form to help you track these interventions, but you may want to create scales to help you record information easily. 

Level of support Meaning 0.00 I don't need any help 0.25 I need a little