The inspection system

  • How Ofsted inspects alternative provision
    Learn how Ofsted inspects pupil referral units (PRUs) and alternative provision (AP) academies. Also find information covering inspection of off-site units and residential provision.
  • Inspection judgements: Ofsted grade descriptors
    Use our side-by-side comparison of Ofsted grade descriptors, which reflect updates to the School Inspection Handbook from September 2023 and January 2024, to understand the criteria inspectors use to make their judgements.
  • Ofsted inspection framework: what it means for your school
    Get to grips with the current inspection framework and the 4 judgement areas that inspectors will look at. Understand the difference between 'intent', 'implementation' and 'impact', and use our prompts to make sure you're on top of these key curriculum concepts.
  • Ofsted mythbuster
    Can headteachers join deep dives? Do schools need a certain level of staff absence to be granted a deferral? Read our mythbuster to get clarity on a range of questions about how Ofsted inspects your school.