Preparing for inspection

  • How to follow up an Ofsted inspection at one of your schools
    Follow our guide for trust leaders so that you can provide effective support to your schools after they've been inspected by Ofsted. We go through the steps you should take whether your school is judged 'outstanding' or 'inadequate'.
    For Trust Leaders
  • How to keep governors Ofsted-ready
    If you update your board regularly on what's going on in your school, governors will likely be more than ready for an Ofsted inspection. Hand out our list of questions so they know what inspectors might ask them.
  • Ofsted pre-inspection checklist
    You've received the call from Ofsted that you’re going to be inspected. Here’s what to do before they arrive, and the information you need to make available by the start of the inspection.
  • Section 48 inspections
    If your school has a designated religious character, you'll receive section 48 inspections on top of standard Ofsted inspections. Be clear on what these inspections are and how they work, so you can be confident in what to expect.
  • SIAMS inspections: what you need to know
    Get ready for your next SIAMS inspection with our summary of the evaluation schedule, and check you're clear on the relationship between these inspections and those conducted by Ofsted.