Last reviewed on 29 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Download our list of questions Ofsted inspectors could potentially ask about inclusion and attendance, including the impact of coronavirus on attendance. Find out what follow up questions inspectors may ask based on your school's data.

Recent updates: COVID-19

Ofsted has updated its School Inspection Handbook to include questions related to attendance during the pandemic. 

We've worked with our associate expert, Andrew Lagden, to develop new questions based on the changes to the handbook. We don't know for certain whether these questions will be asked, but they'll give you an idea of the kinds of things inspectors may focus on. 

Questions on inclusion and attendance

In some schools, inclusion and attendance may be overseen by different members of staff, whereas in others 1 member of staff will be responsible for both. For this reason you can access both sets of questions from 1 download. 

This resource is based on advice from our associate education experts, Gulshan Kayembe, David Driscoll and Andrew Lagden. 

Specific questions based on your school's data 

In addition to the questions above, you may be asked questions related to your school's data.

The inspector