Last reviewed on 8 September 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 45359

Share our questions with your teachers so they know what inspectors might ask them about the curriculum. Plus, get your teachers Ofsted-ready in other judgement areas.

Ofsted will take COVID-19 into account

While COVID-19 is no longer a separate section in the school inspection handbook, Ofsted will consider it when inspecting your school.

For example, the School Inspection Handbook states that inspectors:

  • Will recognise that some parts of your curriculum may be more developed than others
  • Will look at how your school's curriculum intent accounts for delays and gaps in learning as a result of the pandemic
  • May discuss remote education with teachers, parents and carers, and pupils
  • Will consider how your deployment of tutors (where you use them) supports your curriculum aims
  • Will be mindful of national data, where they use it

Find out more about how Ofsted inspects your curriculum.

Questions about your curriculum

Ofsted inspectors will talk to your teachers during 'deep dives' into specific subjects – teachers will mostly be asked these questions in groups after lesson observations.

Download and share the list below with your primary teachers so they know what deep dive questions inspectors might ask.