Ofsted 'deep dives': computing

Find out what evidence inspectors will look at during a computing ‘deep dive’, and what questions they might ask. Download our list of questions to help you prepare.

Last reviewed on 22 March 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Will Ofsted do a computing deep dive?
  2. How deep dives work
  3. Questions Ofsted might ask during a 'deep dive' into computing
  4. How to prepare
  5. The difference between primary and secondary computing 'deep dives'

Ofsted inspectors use subject 'deep dives' to inspect your curriculum. They use them to consider the 'intent, implementation and impact' of your curriculum as part of the 'quality of education' assessment.

See paragraphs 215 to 217 of the School Inspection Handbook for more detail.

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Will Ofsted do a computing deep dive?

This depends on your school context.

Ofsted may be more likely to do deep dives on your less developed curriculums, such as computing. This is because the 2019 inspection framework focuses on the breadth and balance of the curriculum, and it has been a particular concern for Ofsted since COVID-19 caused disruptions to learning.

In primary schools Ofsted will:

In secondary schools, Ofsted will usually focus