Ofsted 'deep dives': PSHE

Understand how Ofsted inspectors carry out PSHE 'deep dives' and see what they might ask by downloading our list of questions based on previous inspections.

Last reviewed on 23 May 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Will we get a 'deep dive' in PSHE?
  2. How 'deep dives' work
  3. Questions Ofsted might ask during PSHE 'deep dives'
  4. How to prepare

Ofsted inspectors use subject 'deep dives' to inspect your curriculum. They use them to consider the 'intent, implementation and impact' of your curriculum as part of the 'quality of education' assessment.

See paragraphs 215 to 217 of the School Inspection Handbook for more detail.

Ofsted has emphasised that it does not make judgements on specific subjects, lessons or teachers. Its inspectors use deep dives to help them arrive at an overall 'quality of education' judgement.

Will we get a 'deep dive' in PSHE?

Note: Ofsted inspects the intent and implementation of personal development provision, but inspectors will recognise that the impact may not be assessable during pupils’ time at school. See paragraph 291 of the