Last reviewed on 15 June 2021
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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See examples of action plans for science from maintained primary schools. You'll also find a link to another article with a downloadable template for department and subject action plans.

Maintained school examples

Community school in Cheshire West

Frodsham Manor House Primary School's science action plan outlines key improvement priorities, success criteria and specific actions.

Key improvement priorities include:

  • Ensuring learning gaps RAG-rated as red are planned for during the summer term
  • Checking science resources, particularly to support the teaching of electricity units

To achieve these, actions include:

  • Checking that teachers have what they need to deliver electricity units successfully
  • Class teachers planning and delivering lessons based on key priority areas using RAG ratings

Community school in Derbyshire

The science action plan for Shelton Infant and Nursery School outlines the following:

  • Intent
  • Provision strengths from the previous year, including implementation actions and impact on pupils
  • Attainment data
  • Areas of development, including:
    • Objectives, e.g. maintaining children's use of scientific vocabulary
    • Action steps
    • Which member of staff is responsible
    • Timescale
    • Resources
    • Monitoring
  • Success criteria

Voluntary controlled school in Kirklees

Task Success criteria Lead person Dates Cost and source Monitoring Evaluation