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  • Analysing KS5 data We have brought together guidance on how to analyse your KS5 performance data from our associate education expert. We also look at the next steps you should take when looking at the findings.
  • Analysing your exclusions and behaviour data Find out how to embed analysis of this data into your practice. You'll be able to support school improvement and show Ofsted you're proactive in identifying and addressing issues. Here's what to look for and how to take action.
  • Benchmarking performance data in special schools How can special schools benchmark performance against similar schools? We relay advice from one of our associate education experts on how special schools can measure their performance and compare it. We also look at examples of benchmarking procedures.
  • Closing the gap: identifying groups to track Our guidance helps you identify which pupil groups to track. Our associate expert suggests how to compare different pupil groups for monitoring progress and attainment, and we link to our CPD resources on closing gaps.
  • KS2 to KS4: are there suggested flight paths? Is there a suggested 'flight path' from KS2 to the end of KS4? We relay information on this from the DfE. We also include advice from an expert on using the curriculum to set a trajectory from KS2 to KS4.
  • Monitoring progress without predicting progress 8 How can we monitor progress without relying on progress 8 predictions? We look at why progress 8 predictions are inadvisable for students going through Key Stage 4 – and set out some alternatives ideas from one of our associate education experts.