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  • Attainment and progress: know the difference When it comes to measuring pupil performance, attainment and progress can become easily confused. Be clear about the difference so you can effectively analyse your school’s performance data.
  • EYFS: expectations of progress What counts as expected progress in the EYFS? We explain that the DfE sets no specific expectation of progress in the EYFS, while Ofsted judges progress in terms of starting points and age-related expectations. We also look at a case study on demonstrating progress from an 'outstanding' school.
  • Progress measures: pupils with SEN What are the progress measures for pupils with SEN? We relay guidance from the DfE explaining that all pupils, including those with SEN, are included in whole-school progress measures. We also explain the impact of the government's response to the Rochford report consultation.
  • P scales: measuring progress Find out how P scales are used in the primary progress measure, and how you can use them internally.