Summarising primary school ASP data

Understand the next steps to take with your Analyse School Performance (ASP) data, including a template to help you summarise the data, guidance on sharing data with governors, and other data to keep an eye on.

Last reviewed on 26 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
Ref: 7973
  1. Use a template to summarise ASP data 
  2. Share performance data with governors
  3. Make use of your own data

Use a template to summarise ASP data 

You can download and use a summary template for primary Analyse School Performance (ASP) data. It was created by James Pembroke, a data analyst who runs Sig+.

Please note that the reference to Sig+ in this article is not intended as an endorsement by The Key. 

The template includes sections covering:

For each section, it indicates where in ASP you need to refer to in order to populate the tables with the information for your school. You can access ASP