Last reviewed on 20 July 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 3793

Use our skills audit to help your teaching assistants (TAs) - including those supporting pupils with special educational needs (SEN) - identify their strengths and make plans to nurture their skills.

Download and adapt our skills audit for your TAs

Assess strengths and set new goals

Share this skills audit with your teaching assistants (TAs) to help them assess their skills, knowledge and confidence in key areas. Use the audit to:

  • Start discussions about setting actions to address their development needs
  • Structure a CPD programme
  • Inform future performance objectives, along with other evidence

Read guidance on developing a CPD programme and use our template to record your TAs' training and qualifications. 

Tailor the audit for TAs working with pupils with SEN

Section 4 of the skills audit is for TAs working with pupils with special educational needs (SEN). They can use it to track their confidence in key areas, including knowledge of SEN-specific practice, attitudes and skills.