How to boost teachers' confidence in STEM subjects

Understand how you can support new and non-specialist STEM teachers at both primary and secondary stage. Apply our advice on mentoring, and find resources to boost teaching and curriculum design.

Last reviewed on 3 November 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Understand where your staff need support
  2. Deliver focused CPD
  3. Be ready to offer wellbeing support
  4. Look out for new ideas
  5. Elevate curriculum design and strategy

Understand where your staff need support

Get an idea of what your teachers already know and where you should focus your efforts. This could be at the start of the year, as part of a performance review, or if a teacher asks for specific support.

Be mindful to make it clear to staff that auditing their skills will help you to focus your CPD programme to meet their specific needs.

Secondary You may find yourself asking your teachers to take classes outside their specialism, for example, science teachers leading maths. This can be especially challenging