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  • Assessing staff knowledge of phonics Are there resources to assess staff knowledge of phonics? This article highlights activities and quizzes to assess staff knowledge of phonics. We also relay advice from one of our experts on what should be included in a subject knowledge audit.
  • Manual handling: training Are there guides on running manual handling training? We link to information from the HSE on what manual handling training should include. We also link to examples of manual handling training providers, and courses for those running manual handling training.
  • Organising CPD activities for teaching assistants Are there examples of training activities for teaching assistants (TAs)? One of our associate education experts provides examples of activities to help TAs support pupils during lessons. We also link to the CPD Toolkit from The Key, which looks at optimising the impact of TAs.
  • Supporting all teachers who teach pupils with SEN How can schools train all teachers to be 'teachers of SEN'? Two of our associate experts set out first steps in training teachers to be 'teachers of special educational needs (SEN)'. We cite guidance from nasen and link to more of our articles.
  • Team-building activities for INSET days What team-building activities can I use on an INSET day? This article looks at ice-breaker and team-building activities suggested specifically for schools, and some that are suggested for use in a variety of contexts. It also looks at advice on choosing team-building activities.