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  • Allowing staff to do private tutoring You can decide how to handle staff who want to work as private tutors outside of school hours. Get help with figuring out what approach to take, including if they should be able to tutor your pupils or work on school premises.
  • Expectations of teachers on the upper pay range (UPR) Are there schools with their own UPR criteria? This article points to examples from schools of criteria and expectations for teachers on the upper pay range (UPR), and relays advice from one of our associate education experts on criteria for UPR teachers in small schools.
  • Lesson planning: what are reasonable expectations? Should we have a detailed policy on lesson planning? We relay advice on reasonable expectations for teachers in relation to planning. We also look at Ofsted's expectations, and look at whether absent teachers should be asked to plan cover work.
  • Monitoring medium-term planning (primary) What is good practice when monitoring medium-term planning? We relay advice from a consultant headteacher and a union, and look at an example of a school's monitoring arrangements.
  • Monitoring teachers' planning: short-term plans Are teachers required to hand in short-term plans each week? This article cites guidance from the DfE and the Independent Teacher Workload Review Group on lesson planning.
  • Upper pay range (UPR): additional responsibilities Should UPR teachers have additional responsibilities? We refer to the STPCD, and look at guidance on what is expected from teachers on the upper pay range (UPR), previously the upper pay scale, and TLR payments for teachers on the UPR. We also relay advice on workloads for part-time UPR teachers.