Restructuring and transitions

  • Advice for a new deputy headteacher
    Make a good start as a deputy headteacher by understanding your responsibilities and getting to know your school community.
  • Consulting staff: guidance
    Find out how you should consult staff about proposed changes at your school. Download and use our model consultation letters to invite staff to express their views on issues such as staff restructures, and changes to holiday and pay arrangements.
  • Handover checklist for school business managers (SBMs)
    Download our handover checklist to help your new school business manager (SBM) settle into their role. It includes tasks and information related to finance, premises management and HR.
  • How to reorganise your staff structure
    Get to grips with how to make sure you stay compliant when restructuring. Read guidance on the importance of your strategic vision, the consultation process and making changes to an employment contract.
  • New headteacher: questions to ask your SLT
    Ask your senior leadership team (SLT) these questions in the early days of headship so you can learn more about how your leadership team works, the strengths and weaknesses of your staff, and the school's context.
  • Salary safeguarding
    Teachers may be entitled to safeguarded pay if their role changes as a result of a restructure or the closure of the school. Understand how to calculate a safeguarded sum and the required duration of safeguarding.
  • Succession planning in multi-academy trusts (MATs)
    Strong MATs have good succession planning in order to deal with a change in leadership well. Here's how to get started with this in your trust.
    For Trust Leaders