Workload: get to the heart of what's overloading your staff with 'keep, tweak or ditch'

Keen to address workload but don't know where to start? See the wood from the trees with Kensington Primary School's democratic, no-nonsense way to spot and solve the biggest burdens for everyone on your staff team.

Last reviewed on 20 December 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 38987
  1. What's different about this?
  2. It’ll work for you if you're ...
  3. 1. Identify everything that affects staff workload
  4. 2. Hold a 'keep, tweak or ditch' vote
  5. 3. Capture additional issues with a 'tweak or ditch' meeting
  6. 4. Collate the results
  7. 5. Review votes to tweak or ditch, and act 

What's different about this?

  • It's a quick way to separate tasks that are "unnecessary" from those that have an actual impact on pupil outcomes
  • Staff drive it: all staff are involved and have their views heard on the real, sometimes hidden, impact of tasks on their own workload
  • It brings about real change: if enough staff vote to 'ditch' or 'tweak' something, that's what the school does

It’ll work for you if you're ...

  • Open to making big changes to reduce staff workload
  • Willing to put everything your school does on the table – nothing is sacred
  • Willing to have honest and sometimes challenging conversations with your staff 

Secondary schools could adapt the steps below to run this exercise within departments, or at a whole-school and department level, depending on your structure and context. Kensington Primary