Last reviewed on 8 February 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out if individual wellbeing action plans are right for your school, so you can help support your staff. Download our template and see an example plan to help you confidently create your own.

What is an individual action plan for wellbeing?

It's a document that you can use in line management meetings to help:

  • Identify triggers that may affect a staff member's wellbeing
  • Spot signs that a staff member may be struggling with their wellbeing
  • Put in place measures to help with their wellbeing

First, you'll need a whole-school wellbeing culture

You'll likely find it very hard to help a person with their wellbeing if you don’t have a whole-school wellbeing culture.

Make sure that your school has a culture of openness about mental health and wellbeing, modelled by senior leaders. Your staff will feel more comfortable opening up if they see you doing the same.

To find out more about creating a whole-school wellbeing culture, read our article on creating a whole-school wellbeing action plan.

Action plans may not always be your best option

It’s likely