Assistant headteacher: performance objectives

Get to grips with potential performance objectives for an assistant headteacher, including areas such as improving pupil progress, teaching and learning, and pupil behaviour and safety.

Last reviewed on 14 September 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Objectives may be similar to those for a deputy headteacher
  2. Progress and achievement
  3. Teaching and learning
  4. Implementing and reviewing policies
  5. Auditing e-safety provision
  6. Reducing the number of removed pupils
  7. Developing pupil voice

Objectives may be similar to those for a deputy headteacher

Adjust the objectives as necessary to reflect the differing levels of responsibility.

The Key has articles with examples of performance objectives for deputy headteachers in primary and secondary schools.

Another of our articles gives overall advice on how to write performance objectives.

Below, you'll find sample performance objectives you can tailor to your staff and school setting. Consider whether to include specific timeframes for some of the success criteria and evidence to be collected.

Progress and achievement


The assistant headteacher will improve the progress made by pupils in [subject area(s)] to be in line with/above national averages, for [insert year group].

For year groups not taking exams, you could specify a percentage achieving specific grades or making age-related expectations.

Success criteria