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  • Assistant headteacher: criteria for outstanding performance You should be able to judge what 'outstanding performance' looks like for an assistant headteacher. We set out descriptions of outstanding performance against the Teachers' Standards for you to look through, as well as other examples of descriptors in areas such as managing CPD and pastoral care.
  • Deputy headteacher appraisal How can I appraise the performance of a deputy headteacher? This article relays advice from one of our associate experts on performance management for deputy headteachers. It also looks at standards for appraising deputy headteachers’ performance.
  • Deputy headteacher: criteria for outstanding performance What criteria could be used to assess a deputy headteacher's performance? We worked with one of our associate experts to produce a KeyDoc with descriptors of 'outstanding' performance against the Teachers' Standards.
  • Headteacher appraisal Get ready for appraisal season by reading our process and guidance. We cover your self-evaluation, pre-meeting with the external adviser, and what happens in the review meeting.
  • Performance management of school business managers/bursars Is there guidance on SBM performance management? We relay advice from a teaching school and ISBL on appraisal of school business managers, and refer to ISBL's professional standards. We also include advice from one of our associate education experts on evaluating progress towards objectives.
  • Setting objectives: non-class-based leaders and the Teachers' Standards How can we use the Teachers' Standards to set objectives for leadership posts? This article refers to the appraisal regulations, and includes advice on setting objectives, based on the Teachers' Standards, for staff in leadership roles with little or no teaching commitment.
  • SLT appraisal: 360-degree feedback Are there examples of 360-degree feedback tools? We include a 360-degree feedback form for headteachers, which you can download and adapt, and a feedback form for school business managers. You will also find links to commercial providers of 360-degree feedback tools.