Last reviewed on 16 February 2018
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Are there any interview questions for a head of STEM? We list interview questions suggested by one of our associate education experts, covering topics such as co-ordinating between subjects and using external organisations.

This article was written to support interviewers with writing questions, and is not intended to help interviewees prepare for an interview.

We asked one of The Key’s associate education experts, David New, to provide examples of possible interview questions for a head of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). They can be used for heads of STEM in both primary and secondary phases.

Links between subjects

Questions to ask

What do you believe are the key similarities between the teaching of each STEM subject?

What do you feel are the key differences?

What to look for in answers

Need for good teaching skills and an ability to relate to young people at an age appropriate level Need for good subject knowledge and understanding Practical applications of all the subject areas Theoretical approaches used in the subject areas Similarities in finding solutions to problems, such as through an