Last reviewed on 11 February 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find examples of interview questions and tasks you can use when recruiting a leading practitioner teacher in any school. You can also see what to look for in a good answer.

Use this article alongside our questions for teachers in primary schools and secondary schools. Also, read our articles on the role of a leading practitioner and job descriptions for leading practitioner to understand what responsibilities the role may have.

We wrote this article with the help of Tony Cook, our associate education expert.

Leading teaching and learning

Describe the strategies you would use to raise standards consistently for all members of the school community.

What to look for

  • Knowledge of the most effective teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies
  • Understanding of how to select and use approaches that personalise learning according to pupils' needs
  • An appreciation of what ‘outstanding’ teaching looks like
  • An ability to use statistical data to evaluate learners’ progress and attainment

Leadership and management

How do you envisage the role of leading practitioner evolving within the school’s senior leadership team?

An appreciation of the school's strategic vision An ability to cultivate and manage positive relationships with colleagues Understanding of how