Last reviewed on 16 November 2021
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Download and adapt our example interview questions and tasks. You'll find both role-specific and safeguarding questions, as well as in-tray and role-play tasks, to help you get a better feel for a candidate's skillset.

Choose from our list of interview questions

Download our list of role-specific and safeguarding questions that are suitable for a head of year/pastoral manager, plus tips for what to look for in a candidate's answers.

Use this template during the interview to record the responses given and score evidence.

Download and adapt our example tasks 

Choose the task that's most appropriate to the role you're hiring for:

  • In-tray exercise 
  • Data analysis 
  • Role-play exercise 

In the download, you'll find:

  • A summary of each task, including the skills it tests 
  • Key points to look for in a candidate's response 
  • What you need to prepare
  • A task overview to give to the candidate