Last reviewed on 10 November 2021
School types: All · School phases: Primary, Secondary, 16 Plus
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Download and adapt our example interview questions and tasks for a classroom teacher. You'll find both general questions and tailored questions for primary and secondary schools, as well as tasks that test lesson planning and classroom skills.

Choose from our list of interview questions

Here's a list of questions that are suitable for any teaching post, plus tips on what to look for in answers.

You'll find:

  • General questions for any school types 
  • Tailored questions for primary and secondary schools 
  • Role-specific and safeguarding questions 

Use this template during the interview to record and evidence score the candidates' responses.

Additional questions for leadership roles

If the post also involves middle leadership responsibilities, see these articles for interview questions for:

Download and adapt our example tasks

Choose the task that's most appropriate to the role you're hiring for:

  • Create a lesson plan
  • Deliver a lesson 
  • Deliver a presentation 
  • Interact with pupils 

In the download, you'll find:

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