Last reviewed on 29 April 2020
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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Use these questions and tips on what to look for in candidates' answers, alongside our template interview record sheet, to help you select the best person for a deputy headteacher role in your school.

Our associate education experts Bernard Abrams, Tony Cook, Trevor Bailey and Jenny Moss helped us to put this article together. 

Use our question bank and answer tips

Here's a list of possible interview questions for a deputy headteacher, plus tips for what to look for in answers.

The questions you choose will depend on your school’s specific context and phase, and the role you're expecting the deputy headteacher to play within your school.

Download our interview record sheet

Use this template during the interview to record the responses given and evidence score.

It’s populated with 10 questions as examples of what you might cover. Take a look at the question bank document above and choose questions that best match the remit of the deputy headteacher role you're recruiting for, and your context. 

Take a look at examples