Last reviewed on 8 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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There are times when you can't meet the needs of a pupil with an EHC plan. Be clear on your requirements and use our checklist to help you make the best possible case to your LA if you want to challenge a pupil's placement at your school.

You must admit a pupil if your school is named on their EHC plan

This applies to all maintained schools (except maintained special schools), and academies are required to comply under the terms of their funding agreement. It’s set out on page 10 of the school admissions code.

Once your school is named on a pupil’s EHC plan, you have to admit them as soon as possible, even if this is mid-year. A Department for Education (DfE) representative told us this.

You can contest the placement...

Parents of children/young people with EHC plans have the right to request a specific school in the plan.  

You have to comply with the request unless:

Receiving and responding to the