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  • Admission appeals Parents can appeal admission decisions. Be clear on how to handle appeals during temporary coronavirus regulations, and get details on how the full appeals process works. Download our template appeal outcome letter, and see how other schools approach appeals.
  • Admission application forms Your school may need to use a supplementary information form to apply its admission criteria. Read the dos and don'ts for these forms, and see examples from schools.
  • Admission to reception: deferring entry Learn about parents' rights to delay when their child starts school and what's involved in the process for summer-born children.
  • Challenging the placement of a pupil with SEN As school leaders, you do all you can to support children with SEN however, there are times when you legitimately can't meet the needs of a pupil with an EHC plan. Read our article to find out what you need to know and what you need to do to give your school the best chance of challenging this placement.
  • How to set your school admission arrangements Admissions arrangements for September 2022 must be set by 28 February 2021. Learn how admissions authorities set admissions criteria. We also explain how the consultation process works, and the deadline for consulting on changes to admissions arrangements.
  • Placing pupils in older or younger year groups Know what you need to consider when deciding whether to place pupils ahead or behind their year group ('front yearing' or 'back yearing'). Pupils have missed a lot of school due to coronavirus and you may be getting requests from parents to hold their children back a year - find out why you should only agree to this in exceptional cases.
  • School Admissions Code: proposed changes The DfE is consulting on changes to the rules on in-year admissions and other tweaks to the code. Find out what the main proposed updates are.
  • School admissions: outcome letters for parents Use our template letter to communicate sensitively with parents when explaining the outcome of admissions applications. Get further inspiration with examples of letters and guidance from local authorities.
  • Sixth-form admissions: rules and guidance Understand the rules around sixth-form admissions, including who sets your academic entry requirements and which pupils you must prioritise if you're oversubscribed.