Admission appeals

Parents and carers can appeal admission decisions. Be clear on how to handle appeals, get details on how the full appeals process works, and download our template appeal outcome letter.

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  1. All parents and carers have the right to appeal
  2. Timetable for appeals
  3. Membership of appeal panels
  4. The hearing
  5. Reaching a decision
  6. Template appeal outcome letter
  7. Examples of appeals processes

All parents and carers have the right to appeal

The admission authority must inform a parent or carer of the decision to refuse their child a place at a school they've applied for.

It must tell parents and carers:

  • Why admission was refused
  • About their right to appeal
  • The deadline for lodging an appeal
  • Contact details for making an appeal
  • How to make an appeal, including setting out their grounds for appeal in writing

Admission authorities cannot limit the grounds on which appeals can be made.

This is set out in paragraph 2.5 of the school admission appeals code and on paragraph 2.32 of the school admissions code.

While the admissions appeals code applies directly to maintained schools in England, academies are also required to comply with the code through their funding agreements.

Timetable for appeals

Includes a deadline for lodging appeals  The deadline must allow appellants at