Managing your published admission number (PAN)

Read advice on admitting pupils above the published admission number (PAN), how to increase or reduce your PAN, and appeal your admission authority's decision.

Last reviewed on 24 January 2024
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Admissions above the PAN
  2. Reducing the PAN  
  3. Increasing the PAN
  4. Appealing decisions to change the PAN

Your admission authority will set an admission number for each ‘relevant age group’, which is the age group at which pupils are normally admitted to the school, eg: reception for a primary school and year 7 for a secondary school. 

This is explained in the Schools Admissions Code (paragraph 1.2).

Your admission authority depends on your school type

Type of school Who is the admission authority?
Academy Academy trust
Foundation school Governing board
Voluntary aided school Governing board

Community school

Local authority

Voluntary controlled school   Local authority

Read more about how to set your admission arrangements here

If your local authority (LA) is the admission authority and you want to change your published admission number (PAN), you can ask the LA about doing this.

Admissions above the PAN

Your admission authority may admit above the PAN

This applies to:

Your admission authority may decide to admit above the PAN at any point after the PAN has