Dual registration of pupils

Understand what having a dual registered pupil at your school means for you. Find out how to register dual registered pupils for exams and on your school census, and where to go for information about funding.

Last reviewed on 25 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 1762
  1. Definition of ‘dual registered’
  2. Determining the 'main' and 'subsidiary' schools
  3. Recording on the census
  4. How funding works
  5. Managing exam entries and results 

Definition of ‘dual registered’

A dual registered pupil is registered at, and attends, two schools part-time.

Pupils can't be dual registered outside of England

If a pupil has moved outside of England and will receive education outside of the country, remove them from your school's roll, even if only temporarily.

The DfE explained this to us.

Read more about removing pupils from the school roll.

Determining the 'main' and 'subsidiary' schools

Which school is the main school and which is the subsidiary depends on the dual registration policy of your local authority (LA). Contact your LA if you're unsure.

However, in the case of alternative provision (AP) academies, a pupil should be main registered at the mainstream school and subsidiary registered at the AP academy.

This is set out on page 12 (paragraph 40) of the DfE's statutory alternative provision guidance.

Recording on the census

M (dual registered pupils recorded by