Premises hire: guidance

Understand what you need to consider before letting out your school premises, including how to set rates and how to approve the hirer.

Last reviewed on 12 December 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 12250
  1. You're allowed to charge for extended and community services
  2. How to set your rates
  3. How to manage the process
  4. Approving the hirer
  5. Download our model premises hire policy

You're allowed to charge for extended and community services

This comes under the Education Act 2002, as explained in section 6.12 of the Governance Handbook (page 130).


  • Check whether your local authority (LA) sets any rules on this
  • If you're a voluntary controlled, voluntary aided or foundation school, speak to anyone else with a stake in your land (e.g. your diocese)
  • If you're an academy, check your articles of association and funding agreement to see if they set any restrictions

How to set your rates

Consider your costs

When setting the rate, think about what costs you'll incur. Southwark Council's guidance for governing boards on lettings suggests considering:

  • Heating and lighting costs
  • Additional security or caretaking staff required
  • Cleaning costs
  • Administrative costs
  • Cost of equipment hire and/or equipment wear and tear

Research your potential market (i.e. look at comparable local venues) well before offering cheaper or subsidised rates to certain groups. You don't want to undercut