Building and site management

  • Displaying information in school
    Understand your requirements to display certain information around the school, and read tips on how best to present information in your reception area and staffroom.
  • Information for school visitors
    Find out what information should be shared with visitors to your school and in what format, including safeguarding and practical advice. Also see examples of how other schools communicate with visitors.
  • Premises hire: guidance
    Understand what you need to consider before letting out your school premises, including how to set rates and how to approve the hirer.
  • Rolling maintenance schedule: template
    Stay on top of decoration and maintenance at your school by downloading our rolling maintenance schedule and following our guidance on maintaining your school building.
  • School premises maintenance: checklist
    Use our checklist to help you maintain your premises and meet your statutory health and safety duties. It outlines how often you should carry out tasks, separating daily, weekly, termly and annual duties.