Last reviewed on 16 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our checklist to help you maintain your premises and meet your statutory health and safety duties. It outlines how often you should carry out tasks, separating daily, weekly, termly and annual duties.

Download our maintenance checklist to keep track of tasks

Use our schedule of tasks and checks to keep on top of the maintenance of your school premises and help you meet your statutory duties. You should adapt this document to reflect your school's context and, if applicable, contact your local authority (LA) in case it has specific guidance about best practice.

Employers have a duty to comply with health and safety law

Premises maintenance plays an important part in staying compliant.

Employers in schools have a duty to:

These responsibilities are set out under "Employer responsibilities" in the DfE's guidance on good estate management for schools (see "Who is responsible for health and