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  • Division of responsibilities: headteacher and governing board Be clear on how your role and responsibilities differ from those of the governing board and get advice on how you can build an effective relationship with the chair.
  • Expected tasks for your chair of governors What key functions should we expect our chair of governors to perform? We summarise guidance on the role of the chair of governors from the National College and a local authority. We also look at guidance from Ofsted and NCOGS on being an effective chair.
  • Governing board: statutory responsibilities What are governors' statutory responsibilities? We outline the core strategic functions and key duties of governing boards as set out in the Governance Handbook. We also relay advice on tasks to be carried out by the governing board from one of our associate experts specialising in governance.
  • Governing board: strategic tasks What strategic tasks should governors perform? We refer to advice on core strategic tasks and explain the headteacher's role in the operational day-to-day management of the school, as well as the need for strategic documents. We also look at information about governors from schools.
  • Governors' role in monitoring academic performance How can governors monitor academic performance? We relay advice from 2 of our associate education experts on governors’ role in monitoring academic performance, and how classroom visits, book monitoring and receiving information about teachers' performance can help them fulfil this duty.
  • Schemes of delegation: maintained schools Are there any schemes of delegation for maintained schools? This article looks at schemes of delegation from community schools and a community and foundation school federation. It also links to examples of schemes of delegation of financial powers.