How governors monitor educational performance

Understand your governing board’s duty to monitor educational performance in your school, and what information you can provide to help them do their job well.

Last reviewed on 21 February 2022
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  1. Governors’ duty to monitor educational performance
  2. Provide academic data and reports
  3. Reporting on teachers’ performance
  4. School visits
  5. Prepare for questions
  6. The Key for School Governors

Governors’ duty to monitor educational performance

Governors have a duty to hold your school to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils. This is set out as a key pillar of effective governance on page 13 of the Governance Handbook.

Governors should carry out this duty through:

  • Analysis of pupil progress and attainment, compared against national benchmarks and over time
  • A clear process of monitoring and overseeing school improvement, including providing a constructive challenge to executive leaders
  • Effective oversight of the performance of school employees

You should make sure governors have all the necessary information and data to monitor your school's performance.

In academies, the governing board should make sure you're offering a broad and balanced curriculum that includes English, maths and science. Your academy funding agreement