Last reviewed on 19 November 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Learn how to develop an effective working relationship with your link governor. Be prepared for meetings by using our reporting template – it includes questions that they might ask about your subject.

Expect governors to hold you to account on educational performance

This is one of their core functions. To do this effectively, governors will need to know what you're doing to:

  • Raise standards for all pupils in your subject area
  • Develop your curriculum – there's a strong focus on this in the 2019 Ofsted inspection framework
  • Use resources effectively to support learning

This is explained further in the Governance Handbook (section 1.1).

What's the link governor's role?

They're expected to:

  • Help you get the support you need to raise standards
  • Get the insights they need to help the board hold you and other staff to account and drive improvement
  • Help other governors understand what teaching and learning looks like in practice 

Try not to go into too much detail Avoid using educational jargon  Explain your thinking in a way they'll understand Encourage them to ask questions if