Capital funding: school condition allocation

Find out about the school condition allocation (SCA), a capital funding grant for large trusts and voluntary aided (VA) bodies.

Last reviewed on 1 March 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 44153
  1. Who is it for?
  2. What is it for?
  3. How do we get it?
  4. How much do we get?

Who is it for?

Academy trusts and voluntary aided (VA) bodies with at least 5 schools and at least 3,000 pupils.

Too small for the school condition allocation (SCA)? You can apply for the condition improvement fund instead.

What is it for?

The SCA should be used to keep buildings safe and in good working order by addressing:

  • Poor building condition
  • Building compliance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Health and safety issues

This is set out in guidance on the SCA from the DfE.

How do we get it?

Qualifying trusts and VA bodies are provided with their allocation automatically. You don't need to do anything.

It's paid as part of your overall funding grant.

How much do we get?

The DfE publishes funding allocations showing how much SCA your trust/VA body will receive for this financial year. 

Phase-weighted pupil numbers (e.g. primary, secondary, sixth form) SCA