Pupil premium information: what you must publish

You’re required to publish how your school uses its pupil premium funding on your website. Find out exactly what you need to include so you can stay compliant.

Last reviewed on 5 September 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 7549
  1. You must publish a pupil premium strategy statement
  2. Report on the academic, not financial year
  3. Update your information regularly 
  4. If your eligible pupil numbers change

You must publish a pupil premium strategy statement

All schools that receive the pupil premium must do this annually, using the templates provided by the DfE. 

These templates, along with sample statements to help you fill them out, are available here. You must fill yours out for 2022/23 by 31 December 2022.  

Your statement must include:

  • An overview of your school and pupil premium details, including the:
    • Proportion of eligible pupils
    • The years your strategy covers
  • A funding overview, covering:
    • Pupil premium and recovery premium allocations for this academic year
    • Pupil premium carried forward from previous years
    • Total budget for this academic year

You must also include for the current academic year (part A of the template):

And for the previous