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  • 24 august In the news today: a shortage of school nurses could threaten pupil health, survey results indicate that many girls feel adults aren't aware of the pressures they face, and a documentary is to suggest that a tenth of school admissions applications are fraudulent.
  • 25 august In the news today: a think tank suggests that schools pay a fine for every pupil who fails GCSE English or maths, an investigation is launched into whether national teacher training is cost-effective, and DfE data suggests that free schools are funded at twice the rate of LA-maintained schools.
  • 27 august In the news today: the Treasury warned that not all school staff should expect a 1% pay rise from next year, SATs results show improvements from last year, and research carried out in the US suggests that teachers recruited during the recession achieved better results for pupils.
  • Delays in free school openings leave parents in the lurch (28/8/2015) The Local Government Association has called for parents to be informed earlier when the opening date of a free school they have applied to will be delayed. Some parents have already bought uniforms and organised travel for their children, only to find their chosen school will not open in time.