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  • 3-7 august 2015 This week's headlines include the news that the OCR exam board has "estimated" pupils' grades when papers go missing, research suggesting bilingual children may lag behind in English in the early years, and a report indicating that privately-educated pupils may earn more than those from state schools.
  • 5 august 2015 In the news today: Tristram Hunt claims smartphones are diverting parents' attention away from their children, figures suggest that more pupils are taking exams in "traditional" subjects, and survey results suggest a quarter of teenagers have "no idea" what to do after school.
  • Bilingual children may fall behind in english, study suggests (7/8/2015) Research conducted by the University of Bath suggests that although bilingual children may have less advanced vocabulary at the age of 3, those with at least one English-speaking parent catch up by the age of 5.
  • Exam board admits "estimating" pupils' grades (3/8/2015) The OCR exam board has said that examiners may give pupils a grade even if some of their papers go missing, prompting the government to look at reforming the exam board system.
  • Funding axed for school meals schemes (4/8/2015) The government has withdrawn funding for two schemes designed to increase take-up of school meals.
  • Ocr will not face action over last year's near miss (7/8/2015) An Ofqual report released today reveals that the OCR exam board narrowly avoided delays in releasing last year's results due to problems with an online marking system, an increase in the number of papers to mark and a company restructure.