Last reviewed on 8 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Get your head around access arrangements: how they work and when you need to apply for them. Understand how you might be involved, so you can effectively support pupils during their exams and make sure you comply with JCQ requirements.

Deadlines for the summer 2022 exam series 

Apply for access arrangements for: 

  • Modified papers by 31 January 2022 
  • All other access arrangements by 31 March 2022

What are access arrangements?

Access arrangements allow pupils with specific needs, such as special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries, to take part in assessments without changing the demands of the assessment.

This is set out on page 7 of the guidance on access arrangements and reasonable adjustments for 2021/22, published by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

The SENCO must lead on these arrangements 

You'll have support from senior leaders and teachers – see more on this below.

Must reflect the pupil's normal way of working (except in the case of temporary injury/impairment) Must be considered on a subject-by-subject basis – pupils may not need the same arrangements in each one Must not unfairly advantage or disadvantage the pupil – they should meet the pupil’s