Subject leader: meeting agendas for the year (secondary)

Save time when planning meetings with your department throughout the academic year - our bank of template agendas has you covered. Find suggestions for timely topics at 9 points throughout the year linked to teaching and learning, pupil progress and curriculum.

Last reviewed on 22 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Refer to our bank of agendas throughout the year 

Refer to our bank of agendas throughout the year 

It contains:

  • A generic agenda, which you can adapt and use at any point in the year (you'll find some tips, highlighted in yellow, to help you do this)
  • Sample agendas that you can use roughly every 6 weeks throughout the year. You can easily adapt these depending on how often you meet with your department. We’ve outlined topics that are likely to be on your mind around these points in the year, with yellow highlighted text to guide you

You'll find a few examples of actions at the end of the first sample agenda (for early September) to help you get started.

Customise them to suit your meeting schedule  

The length of your meeting Which staff members are able to attend How critical