Last reviewed on 23 June 2021
School types: Special · School phases: All
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See how 3 special schools plan curriculum opportunities based on their pupils' needs. Get expert advice on medium-term planning and use our CPD Toolkit to help staff secure the best outcomes for pupils.

Set a curriculum according to pupils’ needs 

Fiveways School in Somerset works with many pupils for whom the age-related expectations set out in the National Curriculum aren’t appropriate.

Some of the school's curriculum isn’t subject-specific. Instead, it includes a range of activities to help its pupils develop and progress socially, emotionally and physically. The school structures its curriculum according to pupils' communication and interaction needs.

The curriculum also includes:

  • Work with the school's mechanical horse 'Thunder', used to help pupils develop core physical strength and/or communication skills
  • Music therapy
  • Swimming
  • Dance and drama sessions
  • Yoga and physio sessions
  • Trampoline lessons

Review and adapt your curriculum

The school regularly reviews and adapts its curriculum to ensure it's meeting its pupils' needs.

If a year group contains a high proportion of pupils who need