Behaviour policy: model and examples

Download and adapt our model behaviour policy, or if you prefer to write or review your own, use our checklist to make sure you're following requirements and good practice.

Last reviewed on 26 February 2024See updates
Ref: 41714
Statutory/mandatory for:
Maintained schools
Free schools
Independent schools
Pupil referral units
Non-maintained special schools
  1. Download our model policy
  2. Downloadable checklist 
  3. Managing your behaviour policy: requirements
  4. Reviewing your policy
  5. Examples from schools

Download our model policy

All schools are required to have a behaviour policy. 

Our model policy, approved by Forbes Solicitors, is designed for you to adapt to suit your school’s context. 

Model policy: behaviour (schools) DOC, 361.5 KB

The document also includes a statement of behaviour principles, which maintained schools, pupil referral units (PRUs) and non-maintained special schools are required to have.

All of our model documents take account of relevant requirements and good practice. They're easy to adapt, will save you time and help keep your school compliant. For more model policies and complete policy support from Key Leaders, use our Policy Expert.

Downloadable checklist 

If you'd rather write your own policy or review your existing one, download our checklist to see what you must cover, as well as good practice advice for what else to include.

The checklist is based on DfE guidance, and advice from Crisis Prevention Institute, an education training provider specialising in