Last reviewed on 7 April 2022
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools Sixth-form colleges Pupil referral units

Download and adapt our model SEN policy and information report, or use our checklists to save yourself some time and help make sure you're compliant.

20 December 2021: we've reviewed this article to make sure it's still up to date. No requirements have changed, however, we clarified in the first section that the requirements regarding the SEN policy and information report apply to all schools except special schools established in hospitals.

Understand your requirements 

You must: 

  • Have a special educational needs (SEN policy) - you don't need to publish this
  • Publish an SEN information report on your website, which explains how you're implementing your SEN policy. Your governing board must approve this report before it's published

You should:

  • Update your report annually, and any changes during the year should be updated as soon as possible
  • Make sure the information in the report is easily accessible by young people and parents, and is set out in clear, straightforward language

This applies to all schools except special schools established in hospitals.

See paragraphs 6.2, 6.79, 6.81 and the introduction to chapter 6 of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice. The special school exemption is set out in regulation 51 of the SEND regulations 2014. For information on statutory policies see this DfE guidance

Download our model policy and information report 

This model policy and information report is designed for you to adapt to suit your school's context.

Approved by Forbes Solicitors, all of our model documents take account of relevant requirements and good practice. They are easy to adapt, will save you time and help you keep your school compliant.

You can find further model policies and complete policy support on our policies page

Use our checklists to update or write your own documents 

If your documents are different from ours, or you're writing your own and don't want to use our model, use the checklists below to make sure your documents are compliant.

Know how this differs from the local offer and SEN policies 

Use our flowchart to help you understand the purpose of the local offer, SEN information report and SEN policy and who creates each.