Last reviewed on 28 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find examples of policies on dealing with abusive visitors from primary and secondary schools, and a special school.

What to include in your policy

  • Examples of behaviour that you consider unacceptable or abusive. This includes on the premises, over the phone or by email
  • How you will deal with this behaviour. For example:
    • How staff will minimise a visitor's frustration 
    • The stages you will follow such as starting with a verbal warning
  • What you will do following an incident, for example seeking medical attention for any injuries or contacting the police
  • The steps that you will take when imposing a ban on someone from the school premises

Some policies also include appendices with template letters that the school will send or a template incident report form (see below). 

Read more guidance about dealing with abusive or aggressive visitors, including template letters.

Sandgate Primary School in Kent has a policy on managing abusive parents. It includes a model incident report form on pages 9 to 10 St Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Slough has