Site management policies

  • CCTV policy: model and examples
    Use and adapt our model CCTV policy to suit your school's context. See examples of CCTV policies from primary, secondary and special schools, to help develop your own.
  • Premises management policy: model
    You don't have to have a dedicated premises management policy, but you do need premises management documents to show how you take care of things like asbestos, fire safety and statutory testing. Use our model policy to help you set out your approach to premises management.
  • School key holder policies
    See examples of school key holder policies from a primary school, a secondary school and a pupil referral unit, to get inspiration for your own.
  • School minibus policies
    Get ideas for your own school minibus policy with these examples from primary, secondary and special schools.
  • School security policy: guidance and examples
    Understand what's expected from your security policy and procedures, including how to assess and manage risks, who should be involved, and how to use your existing school policies to inform your approach to school security.