Last reviewed on 15 November 2021
Statutory/mandatory for: Academies Free schools

Find our model policy and examples from schools to help you with writing your own policy.

Download our model example

Adapt it to suit your school’s context. 

It's been approved by Forbes Solicitors and includes a gifts and hospitality register.

Please note: this model policy is aimed primarily at academies, but you can adapt it to suit any school.

Is it a statutory policy?

A gifts and hospitality policy is not included in the DfE’s list of statutory policies.

However, we've marked this policy as 'statutory' for academies and free schools in our policy bank, because the Academy Trust Handbook (paragraph 5.32) says that academy trusts should have a policy and register on the acceptance of gifts which might be seen to compromise their judgement or integrity. 

We recommend you have one.

Considerations when writing your gifts and hospitality policy

Having a blanket amount will make it easy for your staff to know what they need to declare - schools